Curated Art for your Home

Why Garage Gallery?

We provide a service where we match an artwork to your space. At the Garage Gallery we have an extensive selection of paintings, photography, sculpture, and drawings by New Zealand Artists. Our personalised art advisory service gives you access to your own expert curator, free of charge. Chris will be your eyes on the ground, looking out for artwork to fit your brief and your wishlist. The Garage Gallery features works at a wide range of prices to suit all budgets and projects.

We handle all aspects of international shipping and customs for a completely hassle-free delivery. Talk to Chris about your needs and he will put together a solution for you.

Need Art for your new home?

A high percentage of our clients are building a new home. We believe it is advantageous to be involved in the early planning stages of development , to allow for the inclusion of timeless artwork within your dream space.

We can offer advice, ongoing dialogue and a hands-on approach to finding the perfect fit.

Further to this, a virtual online gallery space can be offered. This is an excellent tool to help visualise the works of art within a clean contemporary space. Wall colours can be changed, artwork can be framed and the pieces are to scale within the space—all from the comfort of your own home.

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